Parent Engagement


What does Cultural Proficiency look like, feel like, and sound like? There are several important steps to follow in developing a culturally proficient parent engagement program:

  1. Administer a parent and community-friendly survey to assess to what degree the school climate embraces cultural diversity.
  2. Develop an ethnic/cultural focus group representing parents, staff, faculty, students, and community members to analyze the results of the survey.
  3. Identify the issues and obstacles experienced by hard-to-reach parents. Keep in mind these may be culture-specific.
  4. Create goals, objectives, and an implementation plan for sustaining a culturally proficient parent engagement program.
  5. Develop a functional (active) parent engagement committee to implement the plan to reach the goals and objectives. Document successes and challenges related to the implementation plan.
  6. Design an evaluation process to determine the success of sustaining a culturally proficient parent engagement program at your school.

School Climate - Culture Audit (PDF)
Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning
Culturally Responsive Parent Involvement (PDF)

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