Parent Engagement

The aim of this program is to guide and support you and your team in making a plan to increase effective parent engagement at your site.

This program is structured for you to proceed sequentially through the screens by clicking Next. You can also review or skip to specific sections by using the menu buttons. The entire program is designed to take up to 2 hours to complete. You can complete it in one sitting or in multiple sessions. We suggest that you view the program with your staff so that you can discuss the reflection questions and action items as a team.

Throughout this program, you'll see video boxes that allow you to get a glimpse of activities in action, watch experts in discussion, and hear parent, student, and educator voices.

This program has multiple documents in PDF form for you to download and view. You may need to install Adobe Reader to be able to access them. Get the latest version of Adobe Reader here:

We hope you will find this program assists you in your efforts to reach all parents. We encourage you to use this program as a resource and to return to it to review any of the information or to share and reinforce ideas with others.

When you've completed the program, we invite you to give your feedback by filling out the survey at the end.

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